We’re a bit different in the bush - the big city approach to skills development is not relevant out here. We like to push the boundaries a bit - go beyond the borders of courses from the more conventional places.

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Who are the “Mulga Mob”

Things are different in the bush - the big city approach to skills development is not often relevant out here. We are a group of locals who believe in shared learning and a flexible approach to education. As well as training in computer skills and sorting out the technical stuff, we help folk to look at educational alternatives for themselves and their kids.

We all work in the “real world” as well as in the “training environment”.
As bush folk, we have experienced the difference between paper-based qualifications and the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done.
We are a collection of people who can teach and those who want to learn. A communal learning group where skills are shared without regard to “prerequisite education standards” or other barriers.

What about the name? - Mulgas are adaptable and resilient to harsh conditions by having a roots and leaf system that is unique. All of us who live out here have this self-reliance.
We Believe in Keeping Remote Communities Strong

We Fit In With Your Time
Mulga Training Network takes the problem of obtaining a relevant response to computer training, computer technical support and other training needs in our outback communities. We work in a time and manner that is appropriate to your lifestyle.

On Going Mentoring
We use resources that we specifically developed to align not only with the official training packages (so you can get a certificate level qualification if you want to) but with the “getting the job done” attitude of the community. We provide ongoing support such as mentoring through further education and providing access to technology resources. Within the remote communities where we have trained there is now at least one resource person who can claim IT Technician/Trainer as a component of their toolbox of marketable skills.

Skills & Knowledge are Community Property
The ancient approach of remote communities to making sure there is sufficient of their population with the skills needed to guarantee at the very least the survival of that community is really the blueprint for how our mob presents training. The whole community benefit from the educational progress of any member due to the sharing and communal ownership of the skills and knowledge.

We're Not Pretty...
The Mulga Mob’s equipment is not the latest model; nor are the vehicles or the people for that matter.. As part of our hardware training we teach others how to refurbish laptops and desktops. So we can outfit a community learning centre for less than the cost of one meeting of “experts” discussing the ”how to’s“ of establishing a learning centre.

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