To merely check where we are just click the calendar
To make a booking - Click on the dates in the calendar and enter your details.
Select "class" from the drop down list and don't forget to put your email and phone.
What else do I need to do to get you to come to our place?
Check out the calendar to find a suitable space. Three days are usually needed.
Some people come each day others only for one day - see how other communities have booked space.
  • Contact others in the community to see what dates suit them and arrange to share the cost
  • Check with us to confirm costings and dates
  • Organise a venue - this can be quarters, hall, anywhere that there is power.
  • Organise the food and accommodation for the trainers - we can bring swags but we do need showers and tucker..

What do I tell people to bring along?
If you want to learn to repair your computer then bring that - just the "box" , keyboard and mouse -
we'll bring some monitors (screens) - this should be easy enough to fit into your vehicle.
CAUTION - A COMPUTER SHOULD ALWAYS BE GIVEN SEAT SPACE (yes, we have seen computers tossed in the back of the Ute with the spare tyre - do not do this!) - oh and bring any disks that came with your computer too.
Otherwise just bring yourself, tucker, swags if staying over and whoever else wants to come along. We have had kids & lambs, goats and dogs turn up too. 

We will have laptops, scanner, printer, digital camera, and so on.
We'll also bring books and tutorial CDs that you may like to use at home (there will have to be a charge for these as we haven't yet been able to persuade the printing company or CD manufacturers to work for free)


Contacts -
Mulga Training Network
Tracey, Marg, Steve
109 Galatea St Charleville Qld. 4470
Phone: 07 4654 1616
mobile: 0417739990

Need Technical Support?
Call the Help Desk
07 4654 1616
7 days - all hours
when you leave a message -
please leave your phone number too!


Not your average computer course...

Check your dog handling skills

Right click then select 'Save As'
to download this game to your computer

Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

Need assistance with writing, editing and publishing a book? - We can help
Print and/or in an ebook format suitable for all ereaders and iPads.
Phone or email Marg now to learn how.
Ph: 0746541616 email: