We’re a bit different in the bush - the big city approach to skills development is not relevant out here. We like to push the boundaries a bit - go beyond the borders of courses from the more conventional places.

Computer Problems?
We have over 18 years experience in computer repairs.
Call us or log onto:
Fix My Laptop
Call 07 4654 1616
Telephone counselling for distressed computers

We will sort it out!
At our place, at your place or by remote access. We will teach you how to fix problems yourself, or better still - how to avoid them altogether, how to use your programs & more..
We Know Computers
Get Certified!
Accredited Courses - External, Onsite or mixed mode delivery - fastrack or regular..you choose

Like to Learn Information Technology?

We Can Teach You

- Business Applications
- Security
- Graphics
- Websites
- Multimedia

Surf's Up
No boardies or zinc cream needed. Bring a friend and check out the World Wide Web. Have you seen your place from Space?

IT Self Defence - IT's Up to Me!
Be afraid, be very afraid..here is the latest from the experts
"The Internet is sort of like a town where your local crack house can put up a front window that looks just like Woolworths, and teenagers can hotwire most people's cars and start playing bumper cars on the freeway. Is this a place that anyone would want to visit, much less live in? What can we do about it? "

Well we're the boys and gals from the bush - No we never back down from a challenge so the Internet sounds just the place for us to take on!

Bring it on - this will be as much fun as the Betoota Rodeo . But whoa, remember Granny's advice - Safe Surfing ..and if you haven't much time right now then at least read this

Keep the Bad Guys Out!!

In a perfect world the Internet police would be able to instantly track down
spammers, scammers and other online riff-raff and bring them to justice
while not violating everyone else's right to privacy.
None of this is ever going to happen, so IT Self Defence - IT's Up to Me!!

So where do you learn this Self Defence style and does it hurt? - only a little bit.
Check in for a course from the Mulga Mob - the girls could just happen to be in your area.
Call or email and sweet talk us into sending you the course on a CD.
Organise your own course - see below

How do I get you to come to our place?

Check out the calendar to find a suitable space. Three days are usually needed. Some people come each day others only for one day - see how other communities have booked space.
Contact others in the community to see what dates suit them.
Organise a venue - this can be quarters, hall, anywhere that there is power.
Organise the food and accommodation for the trainers - we will bring swags but we do need showers and tucker..

In the meantime...give us a call -
and we"ll give you a logon to get the good oil on how the bad guys work, know how to muster 'em, what to do with 'em, how to build the fences to keep 'em out, and how to tell if the defences have been breached (you know the sort of thiing " how can you tell an elephant has been in the fridge? - footprints in the butter") security programs to download, surfing with kids and much much more...