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We have over 18 years experience in computer repairs.
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At our place, at your place or by remote access. We will teach you how to fix problems yourself, or better still - how to avoid them altogether, how to use your programs & more..
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We know what it is like to be stuck with a course - maybe you are an apprentice battling with a part of the theory, say for example you just can't get your head around those complex fractions. Give us a call.

Do you remember in Year 2 when the teacher was making you cross putting red lines through your great story about Dad's cricket match and you couldn't understand what she was talking about - reversing b's and d's (letters don't have gears or is the teacher confused?). Then your sister showed you the bat and the ball ( lo); and the drum and drumstick (ol) combos. No worries from then on. See most academic stuff is like that - crack the system code and you're smokin'!

Try us for assistance on all sorts of courses - we've tutored in maths, literacy and sciences through to third year university level. What we've found is that if you are smart enough to start the course you are usually smart enough to finish it. Sometimes it just needs a study buddy to make observations from outside the square. Then you can realise what needs to be done and get on with the job.
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It's Time
Maybe it's been a while since you were in the paid workforce but now the kids are off to build their own lives you're heading out the door to freedom to finally learn, earn and choose a path that suits you. We can give you advice on careers, courses and more.. the essentials for your new journey.

Changing Jobs or Entry level
Simple - just answer the selection criteria, write the resume, create the cover problems. Need a hand? Give us a call - we've done a few..

Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

Need assistance with writing, editing and publishing a book? - We can help
Print and/or in an ebook format suitable for all ereaders and iPads.
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