Kylie was a bush kid from the far outback.

She loved riding her bicycle on the long distance camping trips – often of several weeks duration that took us to the next job..

She loved writing stories she could share with other children.

Kylie did her schooling by correspondence (distance education by mail).

On our trips (bikes being our only transport by the way) she did her lessons sitting under any convenient shady shrub or tree or by firelight.

Several times during the long summer school holidays we made camp in a city and Kylie would get a newspaper delivery round – filling in for some kid who was on holidays. She enjoyed joining in the free school holiday programs run for kids in the high rise flats.

Kylie wrote “A Bunch of Battlers” based on her experiences in the bush and in the city. .

When Kylie developed a fatal illness, she showed great courage, thinking always of others. Kylie asked that I try to get her stories published so other children could enjoy them. Visit the inspirational website she made in the last weeks of her life.

signed , Kylie's Mum

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