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Getting Down to Business
What comes to mind when you think of the word "business" - the corner store, a shopping plaza, a restaurant, a professional office, a tradesman's ute or a laptop waiting on a slow satellite internet connection in a dusty corner of south west Queensland.

Whatever your image, a business course is a handy addition to your toolbox of marketable skills.

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Give this site a go - We do!
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Instructors Qual (TAA40110)
OHS in the Workplace
Mentoring in the Workplace
Recruitment in the Workplace
Managing Continuous Improvement
Customer Services
Leadership Skills
Electronic Communication
Workplace Innovationand
Environmental Practices
Business Cerificate IV
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  International (USA) Based High School Program

Like to see if online learning is for you?
Looking for an inexpensive start into online education? We suggest Franklin Virtual Schools.

Sure, it is USA based, but hey, aren't we part of the global community?

As RPL (recognition of prior learning) is included in any Australian qualification, successful completion of course units from any institution anywhere may count towards the local qualification.

Franklin Virtual Schools is a private online high school program with a national (even global) student population.  The FVHS Accelerated Adult High School Diploma Program is offered online only tor adult students (18+)