Crossing Borders by Jocelyn Price
An Australian Outback Romance- a family friendly story for all ages...
When Rashida, an Afghani refugee, takes a job as governess on a Queensland cattle station,
intrigue, danger, laughter and love await!

Excerpts from reviews

Rashida fled the massacre, hand in hand with her brother. “Inshallah!” - the last word from her parents’ lips. Mindful of their father’s command to get to Australia, they enter the dangerous world of the people smugglers.
Rashida halted momentarily before descending the steps of the aeroplane. “Another border to cross, Inshallah, the final one”, she thought, but there were more - culture, language and most importantly that of a heart walled within the emotional toughness of a man of the Australian Outback.
Loneliness & heartache shadow Steven West. He buries his emotions in the rough lifestyle of an Australian stockman. Courteous, thoughtful, and “comfortable in his own skin” Steven is a typical Australian outback bloke . His young sons grieving for their mother are a handful for any governess.
Waiting for the passengers to disembark, Steven thoughts are on the new governess, “Hope this one stays – refugee, she’s had a tough time.” The vulnerable beauty of a woman pausing at the top of the steps caused a sudden quickening of his pulse - which he immediately stilled, hauling emotion in behind the shield that closed the border to his heart.

....from Afghanistan to new life on an station near Charleville.....

Background to the story
Being of Afghan heritage, I recall Afghanistan before the Taliban took charge. The Afghani characters are based on real people whom I knew. Rashida’s grandparents reflect the nature of my relatives. Rashida, Rafi & I have them to thank for a liberal education and life.
As a governess in Outback Queensland, Rashida’s initial experiences of the plants and wildlife echo my own. The welcoming, altruist, tolerant, open nature of the Australian Outback people and the courteous, thoughtful nature of the Australian bushman are fundamentals of the culture as both I and Rashida experienced it.

The cover photo is of my a cousin, a true Afghan beauty.
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