Lost Boy - Bipolar Dreaming by Jocelyn Price

This is the story of my son Cameron, who committed suicide five years ago. He suffered from bi-polar disorder. It is about his life, his dreams, his good times and his not so good times. It is my journey too. It is about the mistakes I made in dealing with Cameron and then my realisation and finally my understanding. Above all the most important thing I learned was to listen.
This book is a mixture of sadness and happiness, indifference and compassion, despair and hope, loss and recovery, lows and highs.
These are all part of the shadow world for a person living with mental illness.
I hope Cameron's story might be read by people who are in a similar position. I hope they will benefit from my experiences.

Review by Marg R: A silver lining in the storm clouds of mental illness and suicide.
"Mental health issues touch all of us who live in the human community. In “Lost Boy – Bipolar Dreaming”, Jocelyn Price tells the story of her journey with her son (Cameron suffered from bipolar disorder and eventually suicided). She writes of his dreams, his good times and his not so good times.
Told through the veil of a mother’s compassion, dawning consciousness, receptivity, understanding, acceptance and strength to go on in life with peace, we see Cameron as a person with a unique purpose in life, a purpose that is no way diminished by the manner of his death. 

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Lost Boy