My Life - From 1940 to Evermore by Neil Andrew McDonald

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Snippets from "My Life"

"We went to Sunday School and church in our younger day
s and had to walk about 2 ½ mile – there were no shops to buy an ice-cream!
On Friday nights we went to the church hall for games after a religious talk.
We had some fun times – used to take the boxing gloves,
throw crackers in people’s letter boxes and choof off on our push bikes,
pinch oranges and the general things kids did on their way home from religious enlightenment!"

"Around the age of 16 or 17, my mate and I were walking along the beach
showing off to two girls with our bronzed bodies.
There was a small sand castle that some kid had made and I said, showing off,
“Just watch me boot this for six”
so I lined her up “POW!” - one broken big toe!
some mongrel had put a rock inside the sand.
I was walking around for a week with a knob of plaster on my big toe."

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Paperbook $15.00
+ P/H $5.00

Book, My Life, Neil McDonald