Trekking To The Sunset

Three children with their five horses trek through outback Australia. They travel through the remote regions from Western Queensland to the Northern Territory. Along the way they have some lively adventures.

All the experiences are based on the young writer's own life living in outback Australia.

FOR: Kids age 8 to 12 years

REVIEWS - What others are saying about “Trekking To The Sunset”

Sophia DeLuna : Amazing! To me as a German it was very interesting to read about Kylie's adventure. Here, something like this would be impossible - so much so that it would be unbelievable, even in a fiction story. It must have been wonderful for Kylie to have lived such a free life.

Susan Mcdonald : Books like this should be in Australian schools. A wonderful aid for teaching children geography. A lovely bush adventure for children.

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