Twins Sail Into Adventure

Twins, Nia and Ngaire are self-reliant, intensely interested in the wildlife of the land and sea in the part of New Guinea where they live. Since they were quite young, the twins have accompanied their patrol officer on many trips through the bush and by sea to the small islands that abound.

At eleven years of age they are sent to boarding school in Australia where they find the life style rather stifling to their free spirits. At last the long summer holidays arrive and the twins can return home to their free and independent way of life.

Keen naturalists, they plan to sail together with their dog “Lik-lik” to explore an island and the reefs that surround it. Little do they know that they will be sailing straight into a host of dangers, shipwreck, komodo dragons, giant squid, and most deadly of all, criminals with guns who are determined to keep their secret at all cost.

An exciting read for children age 8 to 13 years. The author lived for many years in just such a part of New Guinea, and the wildlife encounters are based on real life experiences.

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