Historic House Museum.

Aboriginal artifacts and cultural history.


The Museum contains a small collection of artifacts collected and donated before the new Government rules come into force.

These rules now prevent the collection of artifacts execpt under strictly controlled conditions.
Visit the government aboriginal heritage site and
EPA site for more information.

Removal of artifacts from their natural sites is now illegal and is offensive to the aboriginal people.

Our collection contains samples of weapons and tools, including shields, spears, grinding stones. Other items are in storage
pending cataloging and preservation.


See also the display of artifacts and works by todays aboriginal artisans.

Buy works of art, boomerangs, and musical instruments at the Charleville CDEP.



Aboriginal Arts & Crafts

CDEP in Sturt St, Charleville

Opposite Graham Andrews Parklands.

See also CDEP in 'Things to See and Do in Charleville'

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