Historic House Museum
Alfred Street, Charleville.

Books and Souvenirs

Historic House Museum has a small souvenir shop at which you may choose from an interesting range of books and souvenirs.

Souvenirs include;
Hat pins, badges, knives, forks, spoons, bookmarks, fridge magnets, keyrings, teatowels, placemats, miniature teapots, thimbles, and bells.

THe range of books covers mostly historic themes, based on activities in the west and of its pioneers.

The museum also has a library that contains both modern and rare books. Most of these relate to the local or general Australian history.

Those who are interested in their family history may find a reference to some of their ancestors in books written about the Charleville area.
A large card file system contains the names of many of the people, properties, and businesses in the area.
Visitors are welcome to peruse these records. Normal admission fees apply. Photocopying is available.


Books for sale, and review.
(If purchasing please remember to add postage and packing.)

From Rocking Horse to Rocking Chair. The memoirs of Carl Waugh.
Skilled horseman, stockman, stock dealer, thoroughbred horse breeder,
creator of the world's first incentive sale and race,
father of the Golden Nugget and Magic Millions Sales and Races.

As recorded by Jan Peacock. Illustrations by Steve Bradford.
Paintings by Charles Thompson.

Includes stories about people and places around Charleville.
Fascinating , easy to read stories, poetry, and interesting pictures and illustrations.

Available from good bookshops, or Historic House Museum, $20.00 + PP.
or direct from the publisher; Janice May Peacock, "Nathan Downs" Moores Rd. Westbrook, Qld. 4350

ISBN 0-646-36399-9


No Classy Houses in Calico Town. Marmor, Toonda and San Jose 1850's-1950's.
By Kath Gillespie.
History centered around the Spreadborough, Ross, Palmer, and Thorne families in various Queensland locations including
Gracemere, Mount Larcom, Raglan, Bajool, Ulam gold field, San Jose, Toonda Creek, Mt Morgan, and many other locations.
This is an excellent well researched chronicle of the lives of residents in these developing farming and mining areas.
There are numerous interesting photos, illustrations, copies of letters, and a very generous bibliography, photo index,
correspondence index, l ibrary index, and Website index.
This is an ideal source of research material for the student or serious history researcher.

410 pages, Paperback.
ISBN; 0-646-44167-1
Printed and bound by Central Queensland University Publication Unit, Rockhampton.
Copies available from Historic House Museum. $25.00 + PP.

or Publisher, Kath Gillespie. 07 4124 6403


Charleville, The Flood
By John Ryan
A graphic account of the massive floods that submerged most of Charleville in April 1990.
Includes photos taken by local residents, the media, and the many volunteers who gave their time and came to help
the residents clean up the mess and help to rebuild a shattered town.
The scenes in this book are unbelievable and show just how the country and city can come together in times of need.

It was not just Charleville that suffered from this great flood. Towns from as far north as Aramac Quilpie in the west,
Nyngan in northern NSW and Roma in the east all felt the effects of the heavy downpours. Those near the Warrego
and its tributaries felt the suffered damage. Photos also appear of some of the towns affected.

202 pages paper back with numerous photos on almost every page.

Available from Historic House Museum. Cost $16.50 + PP


The Flood Grungies. Written by Michelle Sheehan, and beautifully illustrated by wellknown artist Donna Reynolds.
A great book for the grandchildren. This superbly illustrated book tells the story of the Graet Charleville floods of 1990.

The Grungies are the mischievous creatures who emerge from the ground and bring havoc to the town.
Well-known landmarks include the main street, local hotel, water tower, Cosmos centre, and the Historic House Museum.

There are a limited number of copies signed by the author and artist.

20 pages, paperback. Cost $12.00 + PP
Available from Historic House Museum, or Charleville Newsagency.

Quality Service. The story of Corones Hotel "Charlevilles leading hotel".
A reproduction of the original puiblication produced during the heyday of this famous local landmark.
The hotel which stands in what was once the centre of town has been completed just five years previously, at a cost of 50,000 pounds.
The book Includes both interior and exterior photos of the hotel and and its furnishings.
There are interesting stories about some of the famous guests of the early years.

12 pages, paperback. Cost $6.00 +PP from Historic House Museum.


Murweh Shire. 100 Years of Local Government 1880-1980
History of the Shire, compiled by Mr. M.A.Lord of "Kalanoa" Charleville.
A fascinating account of the development of the shire, its towns, and residents.
Murweh today contains the towns of Charleville (the hub), Morven, Augathella, and Cooladdi.
In the past there were many other small towns but today they are nothing more than dots on a map, or sign beside the rail lines.
The history includes the exploits of the explorers, Mitchell, Kennedy, Leichhardt, Landsborough,

This is an excellent book for the traveller, tourist, historian, or just for a pleasant read.

66 pages. paperback. Cost $6.00 +PP from Historic House Museum.

Charleville One Hundred Years. 1847-1947
A fascinating account of the lives and events during the first one hundred years of Charleville.
Numerous photos, short stories, and accounts.

This second printing has proven to be very popular because of its mix of photos of buildings, people and equipment.
Topics featured include the first explorers, settlers, first artesian bore, railway, avaition, and other great events in the area.

100 pages Paperback. Cost $6.00 + PPat Historic House Museum.


Charleville Railway Centenary 1888-1988 The First 100 Years.
Interesting history of the events leading up to the construction and subsequent eventsin Charleville and the west after the rail
finally arrived in 1888. A collection of stories, maps, and photographs depicting events during this period.
Included rare pictures of early pioneers, rail workers, local residents.

Some of the unusual pictures and stories deal with the forms of transport before the train. These include the camel trains,
horse and bullock teams, Cobb & Co. etc.

Many of the towns described and shown on the maps no longer exist.
Included is a photo of the original rail ambulance which was used in times of flood when roads were impassable.
This is now situated at the museum after a long series of homes throughout Queensland. It is sometimes used for special events on
the local rail lines when there is no rail traffic (unfortunately a very common program in times of the decline of rail transport)

80 pages. Paperback. Cost $6.00 +PP at Historic House Museum


"IMBA" (listen)
Tell You A Story
Short stories by Herb Wharton
Interseting short stories with an aboriginal theme.
ISBN 0-9581883-3-5 Available from the author. $25.00 +PP

Kings With Empty Pockets
By Herb Wharton.
We were kings with empts pockets
When we sat upon a horse
Upon our heads, Akubra hats
We wore them like a crown
A Snyder poley saddle was our throne.

Stories about life as a stockman. Good reading.
ISBN ISBN 0-958-1883-4-3 Available from the author $20.00

Herb Wharton. Brisbane. 07 32520189

By Fay Adrienne Rogers.
Novel based on Post War life in the outback.
Mark Triston, an expatriate American, comes to Queensland to trouble shoot an oil rig. The country is looking to its mineral wealth;
it can no longer ride on the sheeps back. Post war migration gives rise to cahnge, but for some Australians change isn't welcome.
Pastoralists are angry about rigs on their runs, and Mark reads graffiti telling him to go home. Beth the widow who owns the pub in
the outback town where he stays is hostile; she ... . A very interesting story which includes insights into aboriginal life in the 1960's.

Includes poems. from such notables as A.B. Paterson.

ISBN 0 9578859 2
Available from Historic House Museum $20.00 + PP

Ballinclay Lane. Patterns of Polio and Priesthood.
By Brian Sparksman
A story about the experiences of a young man who entered the priesthood, his education, his travels around the world,
and the interesting people he met.

ISBN; 0-949122-53-x
Available fron The Catholic Toowoomba Education Centre, or Historic House Museum
Cost $22.00 + PP

Outback Priests. 25 Stories from the Toowoomba Diocese
By Father Peter Murphy.
The stories of 25 priests who helped shape the character and culture of the Diocese of Toowoomba since its
inception in 1929.
Include maps and photos.

ISBN; 0-949122-52-3

Available from Historic House Museum.
Cost $20.00 + PP

My Life As An Agent. By Ken Squire.
Interesting account of the life of the author from a young man starting work in a pastoral company, through his years as an
agent, to his retirement after having achieved senior managerial positions. His experience was interupted during the war
but he soon caught up again. His life took him to many interesting towns and properties in Western Queensland and NSW.
Includes illustrations, maps, old documents, and photos.

ISBN; 0-646-00001-2
Available from Historic House Museum. Cost $2.20 + PP.

Outback Radio From Flynn to Satellites
By Rodney Champness (Winner of the "Ron Euling Writers Award 2004")
Covers a wide range of interesting topics, including Aboriginal communications, the early attempts by the settlers to setup
communications with the first telegraphy, the railway, early telephone, then eventually the realisation of the Rev. John Flynns
dream to provide communication with the first pedal wireless. The book then proceeds through the rapid development of modern communications we know today.

Included are many interesting sketckes, early photographs, and even circuit diagrams of the early communication equipment.
This is a must for the collector of early communications equipment, or the researcher of early life in the outback.

As a matter of interest, did you know that even with a pedal generator, batteries were still required.

ISBN; 0 646 436740
This book is available for $39.95 from many good bookshops, Historic House Museum, or from the author.
Rodney Champness, 6 Mundoona Court,
Mooroopna 3629, Victoria. Australia. 03 5825 1354