Flood Lit Coolibah Tree


This splendid example of a Coolibah tree (E.microtheca) stands in the back of the Historic House grounds. It measures 70' high x 130' spread and 16' girth. The name 'coolibah' is derived from an aboriginal word and is also spelt "Coolabah" as in the song "Waltzing Matilda", Australia's National song. The tree is almost always found along watercourses or periodically flooded land. Commonly the soils are heavy clays but it also occurs in sandy and gravelly soils. Over much of it's distribution the climate is characterised by irregular rainfull with long dry periods separated by floods. This tree is possible 300 years old. The lighting for this tree and building was designed by G.E.C. of Australia and OSRAM. The wiring has been carried out by Town and Country Electrial of Charleville.

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