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109 Galatea St.
Charleville Qld. 4470
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Computer Problems?
We have over18 years experience in computer repairs.
Laptop Problems ?
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We will sort it out!
At our place, at your place or by remote access. We will teach you how to fix problems yourself, or better still - how to avoid them altogether, how to use your programs & more..
We Know Computers

About Our Services Brochure

About Us Brochure

Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

Need assistance with writing, editing and publishing a book? - We can help
Print and/or in an ebook format suitable for all ereaders and iPads.
Phone or email Marg now to learn how.
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Effective PC Support for Your Business

We've Been Out There a Fair While..

Since 1992 we've been travelling and training and fixing computers outback.
In the early days our CEO travelled on a motorbike with six laptops in a gearsack and saddlebags on the rear; plus a kit of tools strapped to the petrol tank. Publicly funded trainers were better resourced - they carried their laptops and tools in the back of a ute. Not only the people have to be tough to survive out here.

Share the Knowledge, Share the Skills, Learning to Go!

It's Not Supposed To Do That.....Is It?

Computer giving you grief ? As well as on and off site PC repair, we can
- sort out many problems over the telephone and by working on your PC remotely
- teach you how to maintain your computer and how to be safe on the Internet
- teach you how to use the programs you rely on
- teach you how to find the help you need online or within the program itself
- give you the tools you need to be able to help others with computer skills
- provide you with sensible unbiased advice about purchasing hardware and software and give you an understanding of the questions you need to ask when making decisions on IT equipment.
Follow the Technical Support link in the menu above for resources that can assist you to tame your computer.
Education is Not the Same as Schooling

In the bush, enterprises are typically run within a culture of inventiveness
and diversification. Ouback people are pretty good at implementing innovative strategies.

People living in remote communities are used to being self-sufficient. They function pretty well as self managed learners and are not generally phased by new technology - they tend to figure out how to use the damn thing but will acknowledge that there is plenty more they'd like to know.

Learning and training styles are a bit different in the bush - the big city approach to skills development is rarely relevant out here. We like to push the boundaries a bit - go beyond the borders of courses from the more conventional places.

In the bush we know that schooling is not the same as education and that paper based skills and knowledge rarely equate to exactly what is needed to get the job done.

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Telephone counselling for distressed computers
We are available from 7.30 am - 5 pm, 7 days, but sometimes you may have to leave a message.
In that case we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Email is a very good way to contact us.
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