RECLAIM THE DREAM? - that sounds a bit revolutionary, not quite as you'd expect from an old bloke - well just read on
Once Upon a Time...  

..... when you went down to the shops with your Gran? and she seemed to know absolutley everyone in the town and they were all smiling and friendly (even if they were all so old). You had an certain knowledge then of how it would be when you were grey (even though it was a hundred years away).

....... when you went fishing with Grandad and his mates.
You didn't understand much of the conversation but you felt good. And the bloke at the garage filled the tank, grinned at you, talked to Grandad and as he lifted a hand in a cheery wave you knew for sure you were included in his smile.
A lot has happened since then and where are you now?
Are you afraid in your own home?
Do you spend your days locked behind bars in your own home?
Are you a stranger .... in your old neighbourhood?

Charleville Welcomes You to Our Safe and Friendly Town

A bloke called Alan Dobbin made a DVD just for you

Here's what he had to say
"You may ask why we put a DVD out on Charleville. After reading in the papers and hearing on the TV of people dying in their homes and units and not being found for a week or longer.

This worries me. How can this happen? We in Charleville - if we don't see our neighbours about we will check to see if they are sick or they may have had a fall.

And I find the lifestyle in the country is great. You don't have to have bars on your windows, and you can walk up town and do your shopping and feel safe."

So if you don't feel safe and enjoying life
Why not check out our town
Charleville - we would welcome you!
You can get a free copy of the DVD from Alan
He is found most days at the
Healthy Ageing 112 Alfred St Charleville Qld 4470
or give him a call on 07 4654 750
or email on

Imagine .. a community where people say
Good Day and really mean it,
How are you? and really listen,
Come and Stay and mean forever..
Its time for you to
Reclaim the Dream!