The Charleville and District Historical Society Inc. was formed in 1973 when the building was put up for sale.
To save the building from the possible destruction and replacement by a motel, a group of concerned residents got together and formed a group which was originally known as the Charleville and District Historical Society. It was later incorporated and the appendix 'Inc.' added.

All members of the Charleville and District Historical Society Inc. are volunteers who dedicate their time to the Historic House Museum and the community. Most members are very elderly, and each year the ravages of old age takes its toll.

New members are always welcome. Whatever your interests there is bound to be something that you can do here in the museum.
You are not expected to work hard, just come and join with others in a common interest.

Many community social functions are held here at the museum. These include monthly morning teas at which the residents from the local nursing homes are invited and cared for. Special events such as Queensland Day, St. Valentines Day, and the Historic House Anniversay celebration, feature treats including Billy Tea and Damper, musical entertainment, and demonstrations of early skills etc.




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